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10% Donation To Non-Profit Groups

CoolJade would like to work cooperatively with all nonprofit organizations because at CoolJade, we know very well the difficulties that a nonprofit organization must overcome. Financial pressure is one such problem and CoolJade wants to be part of the solution.

At CoolJade we keep our profit margin low to make it easier for people to own and enjoy beautifully craved high quality jade art jewelry. In addition, we would like to make donations to all nonprofit groups that refer business to us. Here's how this mutual support program works:


Your organization can copy this simple message to your website: - Offers a large selection of Special Hand Carved Natural Jade Jewelry. Please enter code: "xxxx" during checkout, to support us get 10% donation from CoolJade.

Or use any of your own messages and place a link to If you need the banner:


CoolJade will issue a code number to each group in the program. During check out after each purchase, supporters of each group can enter the code along with other payment information. CoolJade will give a 10% donation to any group based on the monthly total sales under its code.


Groups that do not have a website can also benefit from this program by notifying their supporters of CoolJade's website address and the code number to enter.


CoolJade will send an email to your group reporting the total monthly sales, after the first actual sale is generated, in it will include your supporters' names and email addresses. CoolJade Inc. will issue a check if the 10% monthly total sales exceeds $20. If the 10% falls below $20, it will be added to next month's total and a check will be sent only if the accumulated amount exceeds $20.

If you or someone you know represent a nonprofit group or run a nonprofit website, we invite you to consider our mutual support program.

Please send the following information to apply:

Your Name:
Phone No:
Federal Tax ID:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Website address:

Please type a brief description about your Organization & any additional comment below:

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