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CoolJade Email Gift-Certificate

CoolJade Email Gift-Certificate


You can order the Email Gift-Certificate to your friends

Right after your purchase a Gift-Certificate, your friend will receive an email notification. He/She will get a reminder each month until it is redeemed. We will notify you after the certificate is redeemed.

Gift-Certificate can be used in either CoolJade or VegeCyber

Your friend can order Natural Jade Jewelry from or Vegetarian Foods from, both under the same company.

Gift-Certificates should be redeemed within one year. Any unused portion will remain available for future purchases under the same Gift-Certificate number.

Guarantee your not losing your Gift-Certificate

CoolJade will send a notification email to both buyer & receiver after 3 month if the Gift-Certificate is not being used.

For security reason, the Receiver Address and Phone No. will not appear in the email, we will compare the Receiver Address or Phone No. with the shipping address when your friend redeems the certificate.

To view a notification email sample that your friend will receive : click here

Please enter your information:

Your First Name:  
Your Last Name: 

Your Phone No:  
Your Email:         

Amount Of Gift-Certificate:   .00  (Min. US$ 20.00 Max. US$ 200.00)

Billing Details:

Credit Card Type:   VISA      AMEX      Master Card      Discover

Card Number:         ---
Expiration Date:      
Card Owner Name: 

Billing Address:
(Your billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. Your purchase not be authorized if this address does not match your credit card statement.)

Receiver Information:

Receiver Name:  
Receiver Email:  

If you know the receiver address please enter here (Optional):

For Security Reason, your friend will receive an email with only your first name as giver. We will let him/her know that he/she would need to enter both your first and last name for redemption, so if your friend doesn't remember your last name, He/She may need to email you.



Zip Code:  


Do you wish to include a message? (optional)

All Gift-Certificates are non-refundable, but the name of the receiver can be changed.
The Change is in effect only after the receipt of CoolJade's confirmation email.

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Every transaction is guaranteed to be safe.


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